Wednesday, July 26, 2017

July 26, 2017

Hot and muggy. It still hasn't rained. I found one raspberry the squirrel missed - there are lots of buds at the ends of the branches, so hopefully he won't get those! Strawberries are budding too. The pond smells a bit mucky, but the snails are working hard. I think I probably do need a better mini pump though I can't figure out how I'd get one to work.

I pulled more ground elder around the four o'clocks - some are budding, although they have been heavily chewed and are not as bushy as last year. I weeded the clematis/four o'clock pot a little. Why don't the squirrels and rabbits ever eat weeds?

Weeded more ground elder from the big plot. More from the section of pots. Found out why a sprig of ground elder was coming up in my calla pot - it had sneaked a runner in through the bottom! Deadheaded some pansies and pulled some of the dead chives stalks.

Weeded some of the dahlias, the purple one has a lot of buds and I think another is ready to bloom with a new color! Hopefully nothing happens before I get my flower! Watered some of the dahlias and tomatoes. Added some more mosquito bites to my already vast collection.

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