Sunday, June 18, 2017

Garden update

No pictures, because I couldn't be bothered.

The clematis continues to wilt in weird spots. Maybe it doesn't like being by the a/c? I really need a better vine to go here. The pond has developed algae, but the pond plants are happy. I put in more mosquito bits. Now that the squirrels and chipmunks have eaten everything they were interested in in the big garden, I weeded, planted more nasturtiums, morning glories, and then a section of anemones and mini gladiolas by the steps. I was going to spray with my new deer/rabbit spray, hoping it would affect squirrels and chipmunks, but of course the spray thingy broke. So I sprinkled it instead.

I took off the wire from the mini rose and basil, hoping the spray will work. I need to deadhead the pansies more... the purple calla has bloomed. I still need something to hang the hose on. Something is eating the morning glories (and everything else). Leaf hoppers? I haven't seen any though. Fireflies? Elm beetles? I didn't think those ate plants. I haven't seen any slugs.

I planted the last dahlia outside. The one with a broken stem has sprouted a new stalk, which is good. The tomato is still depressed, but I've gotten some peas. The zinnias are sprouting well. My two new dahlia pots were impossible to poke holes in - I kind of got some in one, but gave up on the other. So I just put rocks in the bottom and called it good. Well, now it's soggy. I mean, there's several inches of water in it. The last storm was a little too heavy.

I planted my new tuberose inside. Everything smells like rotten fish, but I am assured the smell will go away.

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