Saturday, June 10, 2017

Garden update

Pond doing well. Can see the reflection of the wall in the pool.

This four o'clock is going well, but I need to weed a bit more groundcover

Hard to see through the wire, but the clematis is growing well even if it's spindly. Why do other people have nice bushy clematis? I'm planting something else next year. 

Need to weed more so the four o'clock can breathe

I had to replant these because the squirrel kept JUMPING on it. No, I am not kidding.

Cleaning out this section for tulip bulbs and nasturtiums. I'm going to transplant the tulips. I think I might want to dig the wire enclosures a little deeper.

Got rid of the last of the chicken wire. It looks awful now, but at least I can weed it and get the morning glories going and plant some more nasturtiums.

The morning glories did not appreciate being uprooted

Neither did the peas. But it had to be done.

My one nasturtium

Best calla!

These I grew from seed

Just one of my pots of zinnia seedlings

The tomato is not doing well. I don't think it appreciated having to share its pot with the peas.

The sprout on the side is a dahlia. Which is growing very, very, very slowly. So I let the other things stay in the pot. I'm not really sure what they are. I thought morning glory, but now they look more like four o'clocks...

This is my only dahlia that has shot up to reasonable height. Something is eating it and some of its leaves are yellowing. Not enough water? Too much sun? I dunno.

This is the 2nd year I've had the raspberry. Now I'm wondering if I should have cut it back farther. It exploded into bushiness and put out a lot of flowers, but there's nothing really to pollinate them and now it's yellowing. I have no idea what THAT's about.

This dahlia's stem broke while it was being transplanted. Will it grow another stem? I don't know.

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