Sunday, May 21, 2017

Updated Garden To-Do List for Summer

Feeding Stations at Four-O'Clocks

  • If squirrels dig up the four o'clock seedlings, I will need to start more. I have plenty of seeds. And quite a bit of ire left as well.
  • water feature - I need a water plant or two. I'm not sure there is enough light for the solar-powered pump here.
Monet's Vine Garden
  • Strip off wire, rake, hoe, weed
  • Plant and transplant tulips. Put wire around them. (left side is for tulips)
  • Morning glories are already coming up. Plant nasturtiums.
Herb and Flower Garden
  • Remove chicken wire. Plant more seeds or plants?
  • Put wire around pots.
  • Figure out storage for hose.
Dahlia Forest
  • Need dirt - waiting for Sara.
  • Plant the rest of the dahlias, tomato cage and wire.
  • Plant African daisy when I find one and zinnia seeds.
  • Stake raspberry as it grows as needed.

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