Tuesday, May 30, 2017

First garden report of summer

In my world, summer starts the day after Memorial Day because A. that's when summer reading registration starts and B. that's the signal for my town to be overrun with tourists and me to hide in my apartment and garden until fall. 

It's been chilly so the garden is a bit behind, but I had some good callas going, not quite colored yet.

Hmm. Mulling over the pond. So I emptied and cleaned it and reorganizing it but the question it - exactly how deep is my pot of water plants supposed to be? Should the trailing bits be in the water or outside? If my little pump/fountain only works in direct sunlight (i.e. 30 minutes in the morning and late afternoon) will the plants die and mosquitoes take over the world? (I do have mosquito bits to put in the water but I got two bites, at least one known mosquito bite and one unknown itchy spot so...)

This clematis is pitiful. I need a more vigorous viney thing.

Callas in bloom!

Chives in bloom

Dahlias still pretty small - it's been too cold for them to really grow. That or I accidentally bought small ones. That's possible.

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