Saturday, May 13, 2017

A day of gardening

My tulips are so beautiful.

I planted the clematis and put wire around it. Planted all the four o'clocks and put tomato cages around them, weeded as well. I might have to replant if the squirrels rip them up though.

And I finally filled the hummingbird feeder

More hidden four o'clocks

Four o'clocks in four spots. The bare cement is for the water feature.

I do love my tulips...

Raspberry is growing well, tomato planted with peas, biggest dahlia transplanted from indoors. I waited too long - if they're too big when you transplant them they go all limp and drop leaves and stems and generally act like drama llamas.

In progress. Messy.

Callas and strawberries and other planting things...

Making sure I'm not encroaching on the grass. My landlord doesn't like that (although I personally hate lawns)

Pause for a long trip to Home Depot

I bought a planet for my water feature. It's hard to see, but the solar-powered fountain is in there. I am not saying where I got the rocks from. *looks innocent* The peas are transplanted and will hopefully grow faster than the squirrels and rabbits can rip them up. The solar panel is at the top of the trellis. I hope it will get enough sun, but I'm a little doubtful. I might have to reorganize it a couple times (yes, I duct taped it on there) so it gets enough sun to power it for the whole day. Maybe it will be ok if it just runs a little in the early morning and late afternoon? Because that's the only time there's sun.

Hi tulips. You still look pretty.

This is still a mess. I dunno exactly what I'm doing, but I need to figure out what I'm doing with the hose tomorrow, since the landscaper comes on Monday.

Planting more dahlias and moving pots around.

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