Tuesday, May 30, 2017

First garden report of summer

In my world, summer starts the day after Memorial Day because A. that's when summer reading registration starts and B. that's the signal for my town to be overrun with tourists and me to hide in my apartment and garden until fall. 

It's been chilly so the garden is a bit behind, but I had some good callas going, not quite colored yet.

Hmm. Mulling over the pond. So I emptied and cleaned it and reorganizing it but the question it - exactly how deep is my pot of water plants supposed to be? Should the trailing bits be in the water or outside? If my little pump/fountain only works in direct sunlight (i.e. 30 minutes in the morning and late afternoon) will the plants die and mosquitoes take over the world? (I do have mosquito bits to put in the water but I got two bites, at least one known mosquito bite and one unknown itchy spot so...)

This clematis is pitiful. I need a more vigorous viney thing.

Callas in bloom!

Chives in bloom

Dahlias still pretty small - it's been too cold for them to really grow. That or I accidentally bought small ones. That's possible.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Updated Garden To-Do List for Summer

Feeding Stations at Four-O'Clocks

  • If squirrels dig up the four o'clock seedlings, I will need to start more. I have plenty of seeds. And quite a bit of ire left as well.
  • water feature - I need a water plant or two. I'm not sure there is enough light for the solar-powered pump here.
Monet's Vine Garden
  • Strip off wire, rake, hoe, weed
  • Plant and transplant tulips. Put wire around them. (left side is for tulips)
  • Morning glories are already coming up. Plant nasturtiums.
Herb and Flower Garden
  • Remove chicken wire. Plant more seeds or plants?
  • Put wire around pots.
  • Figure out storage for hose.
Dahlia Forest
  • Need dirt - waiting for Sara.
  • Plant the rest of the dahlias, tomato cage and wire.
  • Plant African daisy when I find one and zinnia seeds.
  • Stake raspberry as it grows as needed.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

After the storm

The view out my bedroom after the window. That's not a tree, it's a giant branch.

I noticed these last night while I was gardening. I must have planted them, but I have no idea what they are. They're more violet and soft pink, but that didn't show on the camera.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

A day of gardening

My tulips are so beautiful.

I planted the clematis and put wire around it. Planted all the four o'clocks and put tomato cages around them, weeded as well. I might have to replant if the squirrels rip them up though.

And I finally filled the hummingbird feeder

More hidden four o'clocks

Four o'clocks in four spots. The bare cement is for the water feature.

I do love my tulips...

Raspberry is growing well, tomato planted with peas, biggest dahlia transplanted from indoors. I waited too long - if they're too big when you transplant them they go all limp and drop leaves and stems and generally act like drama llamas.

In progress. Messy.

Callas and strawberries and other planting things...

Making sure I'm not encroaching on the grass. My landlord doesn't like that (although I personally hate lawns)

Pause for a long trip to Home Depot

I bought a planet for my water feature. It's hard to see, but the solar-powered fountain is in there. I am not saying where I got the rocks from. *looks innocent* The peas are transplanted and will hopefully grow faster than the squirrels and rabbits can rip them up. The solar panel is at the top of the trellis. I hope it will get enough sun, but I'm a little doubtful. I might have to reorganize it a couple times (yes, I duct taped it on there) so it gets enough sun to power it for the whole day. Maybe it will be ok if it just runs a little in the early morning and late afternoon? Because that's the only time there's sun.

Hi tulips. You still look pretty.

This is still a mess. I dunno exactly what I'm doing, but I need to figure out what I'm doing with the hose tomorrow, since the landscaper comes on Monday.

Planting more dahlias and moving pots around.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Tulip War part 3


Spring Garden Shopping and To Do List

Updated because now it's spring!

Feeding Stations at Four O'Clock
  • Start clematis and four o'clocks inside
  • Add stakes and/or tomato cages to four o'clocks
  • Fill and hang hummingbird feeder
  • Transplant four o'clocks outside
  • Water feature
    • Order pump
    • Buy rain barrel and dig into ground
    • Buy and install water plant
Monet's Vine Garden
  • Good coating of sluggo
  • Pull up wire, rake, thoroughly weed.
  • Firmly relegate morning glories to two trellis areas
  • Fill in main garden bed with nasturtiums
Herb and Flower Garden
  • Start callas inside, move outside when weather is nice
  • Clean out and fertilize chives
  • Seeds purchased to plant directly outdoors in May
    • alyssum
    • pansies, johnny jump up
    • peppermint
    • aristotle basil
    • columbine
    • campanula
  • Plant small pot with black-eyed susan vine, pepper to keep squirrels off
  • Plant more chives? May have planted seeds too early - may have to replant.
Dahlia Forest
  • Organize and refill pots with clean dirt
  • Start dahlia bulbs, move outside (if they sprout)
  • Purchase additional dahlias if needed
    • buy 2 more tomato cages
  • Stake raspberry as it grows
  • If roses don't come back, plant zinnias
  • Plant zinnia seeds
  • Purchase and plant African daisies
  • Purchase and plant tomato
  • dirt

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tulip war Part 2

After the rabbits destroyed my other tulips and had several goes at my new section, planted last year, I wrapped some chicken wire around temporarily
Then I spent a couple hours removing all the chicken wire, including the stuff embedded in the ground and around the tulips (doing a certain amount of damage to myself and the tulips)

Then I weeded, thoroughly. Then I took a roll of wire I purchased, created a cage with it, and implemented said cage with stakes to hold it firm.

Indoor plants

It's too cold to plant stuff outside yet and these dahlias haven't sprouted

I need a cage for the amaryllis. The dahlia is getting big...maybe planting next week?

Very slow growth on some callas, one dahlia sprouting.