Saturday, April 1, 2017

Another day of gardening

I got this row of pots in the Dahlia Forest organized. The roses are at either end - I don't know if they're coming back or not. If they don't, I will do the whole row in zinnias instead of just the two middle pots and maybe add some other tall annuals next year. Roses are too expensive to be annuals!

Dahlia Forest - the corner. I am not sure my dahlia tubers in the basement were alive or not and two clumps were far too large to start inside so I started one here in the middle pot. The two side pots need dahlias and if the ones inside don't sprout I will get new ones.

 Last corner of the Dahlia Forest. The white pot on the far left has raspberries, which are sprouting again! The other white pot will have a tomato plant when it's a little warmer. The large orange pot I put the other big clump of tubers in. Hopefully it will revive. The green pot is for African daisies.

I'm not sure about the placement of the green pot. It just doesn't look right but I can't figure out where it would go better. Hmm. Fortunately it will be easy to move.

  Herb and flower pots all ready - I will plant seeds directly later this month or in May

The calla bulbs in the basement had sprouted! I started them inside. They'll go in the herb and flower garden when it's warmer and they've grown a bit.

A clematis I got cheap - it's got a nice sprout. The dahlia tubers that might or might not be alive.

Four o'clock seeds

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