Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spring Garden Shopping and To Do List

Updated because now it's spring!

Feeding Stations at Four O'Clock
  • Start clematis and four o'clocks inside
  • Add stakes and/or tomato cages to four o'clocks
  • Be more diligent about keeping the hummingbird feeder full
  • Tenderly nurture four o'clocks in the ground pots
  • Replace honeysuckle if necessary
  • Water feature - ordered pump, add water plant and buy rain barrel
Monet's Vine Garden
  • Good coating of sluggo
  • Firmly relegate morning glories to two trellis areas
  • Fill in main garden bed with nasturtiums
  • Put out pots of indoor bulbs - sprinkle with pepper
Herb and Flower Garden
  • Check to see if mint comes back or needs mint seeds planted.
  • Rip out any remaining dead plants in middle pot and plant alyssum and black-eyed susan vine seeds
  • Chives will probably come back on their own
  • Plant pansy pots
  • Move over and fill new pots for herbs and flowers
  • Start calla inside, move outside when weather is nice
Dahlia Forest
  • Start dahlia
  • Empty and refill pots with clean dirt
  • Purchase and add dahlias to two new pots
  • Add additional tomato cages as needed
  • Start zinnias inside
  • Plant new daisy
  • Plant new tomatoes
  • Stake raspberry as it grows
  • Green tomato cages?
  • Pansy, alyssum, black-eyed susan vine, mint seeds
  • New dahlia, daisy, and tomato plants
  • Second tomato pot?
  • Watering can
  • Slightly longer hose
  • Dirt

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