Thursday, September 1, 2016

Upon slugs and other garden musings

The Japanese beetles appear to have retreated in defeat, only to be replaced with slugs. I plucked over 20 tonight, plus another handful upon returning from my walk. Helpful hint: mating slugs are easier to collect than single ones. There is possibly a moral in that.

The morning glories have finally started blooming; the nasturtiums never really took off, due to being strangled and then planted too late. Next year I will not sow morning glories with quite so much wild abandon. The dahlias continue to bloom with vigor, but although my roses are blossoming, they are disappointing as far as promised fragrance goes. There are still some determined pansies hanging on, but the chipmunk and squirrel's daily depredations in their pot are continuing without ceasing.

The raspberry continues to display vast quantities of small green fruits. I do not know if there will actually be edible berries this year - I suspect not - but I am delighted by the many bumblebees, honeybees, and small green bees (sweat bees?) which are bumbling about the flowers. The sweat bees in particular have settled in to inhabit all the little tunnels formed by the dahlia flower petals and, I suspect, have thus been helpful in keeping off the beetles. It does mean you have to carefully shake out the flowers before bringing them indoors though....

The zinnias continue to bloom in profusion. They never get as thick and multi-petaled as promised by the seed package, although leaving them on the stalk longer does seem to help. On the one hand I'd kind of like to try something else. On the other hand, these are extremely easy to grow...except in the matter of watering, which reminds me that the pots need water. I'll do it tomorrow.

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