Monday, September 26, 2016

Rose garden complete (and a few other things)

This is from a week ago, when I finally got the raspberries tied up.

The morning glories like the cooler weather - there are lots of flowers here and there

Finally finished the rose garden! Roses on one side, mint, alyssum and black-eyed susan vine and chives on the other, with my big calla in between.

The idea is the things will grow over the wall which looks kind of blah right now.

The mint was vigorously cut back and heavily wired, since it is so weirdly sensitive to being dug in by the squirrels
I had some alyssum that was growing well and thought about unwiring the pot, planting it, and rewiring, but decided to wait until spring (or when the vines die) and then I'll pull everything up and add more dirt. Next year I will seed it again.

I moved the tomato behind K's little shed. It's really done anyways. I might put another one back there next year too. The only drawback is that I will have to haul water.

It's very windy and the dahlias are suffering

Pot mess shrinks!

Zinnias are really done

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