Saturday, September 17, 2016

Rose Garden Phase 2

I realized I titled this "pot garden". CONTAINER I MEANT CONTAINER. I hereby title this small section the rose garden to avoid further confusion.

All the bricks have been moved and a good dose of sluggo laid down. I also unwound the black-eyed Susan, as I intend to use that trellis for the raspberries.

 Hopefully nobody will fall over them. I also need to clean some of the bricks which are a bit sluggy.

First pot is back! I went and got a couple bags of mulch - they only had red, so it doesn't quite match. I transplanted the mini rose into a plastic pot and added some firmly attached wire. We'll see. The chipmunk can probably squeeze in - hopefully she won't find it worth the bother. Next year I will plant pansy seeds directly below the wire and they will bloom around the rose and be within easy reach for deadheading.

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