Saturday, September 10, 2016

Getting started on the fall garden work; or, I have questions

A sudden burst of energy, coupled with annoyance at the critters that have destroyed two pots and keep digging deeper and deeper holes, inspired me to get started on the garden.

Yes, they are real raspberries! I ate the three red ones and am absolutely captivated by how they slide off the white core. Somehow I had assumed you had to core them or something, like an apple. Amazing.

However, I do have a question - exactly what is one supposed to do with raspberry stalks, especially heavy with fruit? Trellis? Stake? I tied them to some dowels, but they're not long enough.

As I started moving the pots, I discovered (and killed) many slugs. I also discovered this. What is it? It looks like a tiny anemone or star-nosed mole. I am fascinated.

The wind tore down the morning glories (I shoved them back up, but I don't know whether or not it will appreciate that) However, there are lots of flowers hidden in the leaves.

Most of the pots, including my indoor plants, are now in the great pot garden! They have plastic under them because I borrowed my landlord's dolly and didn't want it to get dirty. Since, um, I didn't exactly ask. But I'm sure he wouldn't mind. More to the point, he's unlikely to know. Now I can get started on repotting, switching pots, etc.

The empty garden, well-sprinkled with Sluggo. The last pot still has black-eyed Susan vines in it, so I won't move it just yet. I also want to do something sturdier with the wall that maybe does not involve cement. I'm rethinking that whole thought.

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