Sunday, September 4, 2016

Garden To-Do List

I have almost a week off at the end of September, which I plan to use for gardening among other things. Then there will be gardening plans next year as well...I like making lists.

Indoor plants
  • The polka-dot plant on my beading table needs to be cut back and re-staked
  • The large green pot - the plant is dying and never did too well indoors. Needs to be cleaned out and a cage made for paperwhites. I'm going to get them from a local greenhouse - they had some really big ones last year.
  • The pink indoor plant is still doing nicely, but the outside of the pot needs to be cleaned.
  • The lemon balm needs to be trimmed
  • The polka dot plant in the pink pot is growing vigorously, but I want to transplant it and use the pot for something else. I have a second long plastic planter and I want to add it to that.
  • I have three more polka dot plants in the bedroom - I'm going to add the one in the single pot to the other long planter and then put them at the ends of the shelf.

Left Garden Bed

  • I'll leave the big pot of four o'clocks and clematis as is - there just won't be anything hanging on the shepherd's hook in the winter (I wasn't very good about keeping the hummingbird feeder up anyways). There were/are a LOT of seeds - I think I'm going to get a bunch of cheap clay pots, start them indoors, then tap out the bottoms and strategically place them throughout the hideous ground cover. Eventually they will take over! It's a plan.
  • I want to move the trellis by the bricks to the other side and pull the honeysuckle pot out - this will involve moving some of the bricks it sits on. It was difficult to keep it watered.
  • I've got extra pots to use for planting - they just need to be cleaned out. One shallow one will do for an amaryllis. I'm not going to go crazy, just ONE amaryllis this year.
  • The calla will come inside and I'll hope for the best - last year they didn't do well inside, but came back after the last frost and bloomed well.
  • Moving the trellis will help, but I might also need to shift the stepping stones so I can thoroughly weed that corner of the garden. The whole thing needs a major weeding to get it ready for winter. I've thought about trying again with some irises there, but I don't think I will this year.
  • I also want to get a bucket and a little cement and some mulch and make the bricks at the edge sit level and cement them together. It will be a project.
  • The daisy doesn't really enjoy being in that much shade. I need to find a place for it over with the other pots. There is a spot, but I have to make sure it's not in the way of my neighbor's little shed where she keeps her walker.

Right side pots

  • This side has some issues, largely related to the squirrel and chipmunks digging habits. There are two large clay pots - one with a rose and one with chives. I am going to transplant those into smaller pots and use the large clay pots for more dahlias over in the container garden
  • Then three largish pots will be parallel to the handrail - those will have the rose plants and pansies. They are going to also have wire!
  • On the other side, I'll get rid of the parsley (which nobody really ate) and put the chives there, the middle pot will have alyssum, and the back pot mint.
  • I'm going to get some small pots to put the black-eyed susan vine in - three, one for each leg of the trellis
  • The calla issue. I can't really bring it indoors b/c I knocked out the bottom of the pot b/c it was getting so soggy. I might leave it out and see if it comes back in the spring.

 Container Garden

  • I tried to get the zinnias growing more tidily inside their cages, but between being dug in and rain, the seeds wiggled around. I've thought about trying something else here, but zinnias are easy and they look nice, even though I can never get them to grow the double flowers I see on the packets.
  • The dahlias were awesome. I've carefully read instructions about them for the winter and decided it's waaaaay too much work. I'm just going to get new dahlias each year - they're not that expensive. Ideally I'd move the pots inside, but apartment living does not make that possible. Moving the two big clay pots over will make four large dahlia pots. I'll need 2 more tomato cages as well.
  • The raspberry needs its own cage. As you can see, it's leaning heavily on the dahlia. I might move the tomato over behind my neighbor's shed and get a second tomato pot. I might put the raspberry over there too, to make more room for the dahlias.
Shopping list
  • 3 tomato cages
  • pansy seeds
  • alyssum seeds
  • black-eyed susan vine seeds
  • nasturtium seeds
  • dahlia tubers
  • dirt
  • mulch
  • 1 medium-sized pot
  • cement and bucket
  • winter bulbs - paper whites, amaryllis
  • spring plants - mint, tomato

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