Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fall is here: Last garden to do list

My garden plans fell through a little when I developed a miserable sinus infection of my days off. It's hard to garden when moving bricks makes you start coughing convulsively. Some of these things might end up waiting until spring and it's anyone's guess as to whether or not any plants will actually get to come indoors....
  • decide about brick wall, either lay flat or straighten bricks. will require mulch either way
  • rip off vines, weed thoroughly, then return for groundcover
  • after first frost, dig up calla rhizomes, gently brush off dirt, trim foliage, leave in warm dry place for a week, then put in basement for the winter
  • after first frost, prune rose bushes and pile mulch over them. hope the squirrels do not make off with it all
  • after first frost, cut back dahlias, shake off extra dirt, store upside down in dry place for a couple weeks, then store in basement and hope for the best
  • after first frost cut back brown raspberry canes, heap mulch around plant and green canes, put wire over it to keep rabbits out
  • clean out old pots and select a few for winter bulbs
Need: Mulch, potting soil, paper whites and an amaryllis. or two

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