Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dahlia Forest

I am coughing uncontrollably, my back seat is full of cement dust (too bad for the next person who gets a ride with me...) my back hurts and I am feeling awfully glum. But I finished! Until the first frost and I have some bulbs to bring in of course...

Tomato and extra pots stored behind K's shed

Dahlias, daisy, raspberry, and pots for next year's dahlias all lined up. Cut dahlias waiting for the bee to lose interest (spoiler: it didn't so I let it keep one dahlia)

Zinnias trimmed back and basically done

Leaf and other garden litter mostly swept up and tidied

The bricks are not extremely attractive, but they are the only way I could keep the pots from tipping in high winds.

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