Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fall is here: Last garden to do list

My garden plans fell through a little when I developed a miserable sinus infection of my days off. It's hard to garden when moving bricks makes you start coughing convulsively. Some of these things might end up waiting until spring and it's anyone's guess as to whether or not any plants will actually get to come indoors....
  • decide about brick wall, either lay flat or straighten bricks. will require mulch either way
  • rip off vines, weed thoroughly, then return for groundcover
  • after first frost, dig up calla rhizomes, gently brush off dirt, trim foliage, leave in warm dry place for a week, then put in basement for the winter
  • after first frost, prune rose bushes and pile mulch over them. hope the squirrels do not make off with it all
  • after first frost, cut back dahlias, shake off extra dirt, store upside down in dry place for a couple weeks, then store in basement and hope for the best
  • after first frost cut back brown raspberry canes, heap mulch around plant and green canes, put wire over it to keep rabbits out
  • clean out old pots and select a few for winter bulbs
Need: Mulch, potting soil, paper whites and an amaryllis. or two

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dahlia Forest

I am coughing uncontrollably, my back seat is full of cement dust (too bad for the next person who gets a ride with me...) my back hurts and I am feeling awfully glum. But I finished! Until the first frost and I have some bulbs to bring in of course...

Tomato and extra pots stored behind K's shed

Dahlias, daisy, raspberry, and pots for next year's dahlias all lined up. Cut dahlias waiting for the bee to lose interest (spoiler: it didn't so I let it keep one dahlia)

Zinnias trimmed back and basically done

Leaf and other garden litter mostly swept up and tidied

The bricks are not extremely attractive, but they are the only way I could keep the pots from tipping in high winds.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Feeding Stations at Four O'Clock

I've embedded some pots in the ground and transplanted the four o'clocks that were in the honeysuckle pot into them. I also borrowed tomato cages from the zinnias to hold them up. I moved the bricks the honeysuckle was sitting on, removed the wire, and shifted it forward.
After convulsively coughing for some time, I watered. The plants might or might not last - some plants you move and they're like "whatever" and some you move and they're like "OMG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME FOUL CREATURE OF THE UPPER EARTH I DIE I DIE I DIIIIIIEEEEE".
But they're nearly done anyways - I'll plant more next year and eventually this will be a giant bed of sweet-smelling four o'clocks!

You can see how thick they get - they really need more support. 

I dumped a bunch of dirt on top, much to the shock of the chipmunk who has been using this as a private runway for some time.

It doesn't look really good right now, but wait until next year!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Rose garden complete (and a few other things)

This is from a week ago, when I finally got the raspberries tied up.

The morning glories like the cooler weather - there are lots of flowers here and there

Finally finished the rose garden! Roses on one side, mint, alyssum and black-eyed susan vine and chives on the other, with my big calla in between.

The idea is the things will grow over the wall which looks kind of blah right now.

The mint was vigorously cut back and heavily wired, since it is so weirdly sensitive to being dug in by the squirrels
I had some alyssum that was growing well and thought about unwiring the pot, planting it, and rewiring, but decided to wait until spring (or when the vines die) and then I'll pull everything up and add more dirt. Next year I will seed it again.

I moved the tomato behind K's little shed. It's really done anyways. I might put another one back there next year too. The only drawback is that I will have to haul water.

It's very windy and the dahlias are suffering

Pot mess shrinks!

Zinnias are really done

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Rose garden continued

See, I can be intelligent! Cut the roses BEFORE moving the pots!

Hmmm, what do you think? Kind of hard to tell with the bricks still on the sidewalk and the other pots not in place, but I'm liking it....I think....maybe more cement bricks for a wall on the other side?

Rose garden continued

Hmm. Why did three pots fit before but they don't now? I will have to either reconfigure or extend. Hmmm.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Rose Garden Phase 2

I realized I titled this "pot garden". CONTAINER I MEANT CONTAINER. I hereby title this small section the rose garden to avoid further confusion.

All the bricks have been moved and a good dose of sluggo laid down. I also unwound the black-eyed Susan, as I intend to use that trellis for the raspberries.

 Hopefully nobody will fall over them. I also need to clean some of the bricks which are a bit sluggy.

First pot is back! I went and got a couple bags of mulch - they only had red, so it doesn't quite match. I transplanted the mini rose into a plastic pot and added some firmly attached wire. We'll see. The chipmunk can probably squeeze in - hopefully she won't find it worth the bother. Next year I will plant pansy seeds directly below the wire and they will bloom around the rose and be within easy reach for deadheading.

Indoor Gardening Phase One

 Suddenly decided to make a runner for the indoor plant table. Everything indoor has been planted. There are still pots that need to be cleaned out for bulbs and I'll need to bring the calla lilies inside when it gets colder.

The growing trimmed pile

Pots in progress

Pause for a view of flowers

Find the raspberries!

This zinnia had a shot at being double, but didn't quite figure out how it worked

Trimmed polka dots in the bedroom

Trimmed lemon balm and tidied pink indoor plant of which I've forgotten the name

Trimmed polka dot

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Getting started on the fall garden work; or, I have questions

A sudden burst of energy, coupled with annoyance at the critters that have destroyed two pots and keep digging deeper and deeper holes, inspired me to get started on the garden.

Yes, they are real raspberries! I ate the three red ones and am absolutely captivated by how they slide off the white core. Somehow I had assumed you had to core them or something, like an apple. Amazing.

However, I do have a question - exactly what is one supposed to do with raspberry stalks, especially heavy with fruit? Trellis? Stake? I tied them to some dowels, but they're not long enough.

As I started moving the pots, I discovered (and killed) many slugs. I also discovered this. What is it? It looks like a tiny anemone or star-nosed mole. I am fascinated.

The wind tore down the morning glories (I shoved them back up, but I don't know whether or not it will appreciate that) However, there are lots of flowers hidden in the leaves.

Most of the pots, including my indoor plants, are now in the great pot garden! They have plastic under them because I borrowed my landlord's dolly and didn't want it to get dirty. Since, um, I didn't exactly ask. But I'm sure he wouldn't mind. More to the point, he's unlikely to know. Now I can get started on repotting, switching pots, etc.

The empty garden, well-sprinkled with Sluggo. The last pot still has black-eyed Susan vines in it, so I won't move it just yet. I also want to do something sturdier with the wall that maybe does not involve cement. I'm rethinking that whole thought.