Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Speaking as one invasive plant to another, you've gone a bit too far

Things have gotten a little out of control
The four o'clocks are exuberant and doing fine.

I've got scarlet now

and yellow coming, as well as hot pink

The clematis is meandering about a bit

It's turned out to be a rather disappointing plant

The morning glories are choking the honeysuckle. Yes, that is what I said.

Time to get chopping

Ta da! Calla lily revealed, trellis cleared off

The goldflame honeysuckle is now free to climb the trellis. I left the one four o'clock in the pot - I don't know if it will bloom or not

I can see the blossoms now!

 Now, the morning glories by my other window, well....
Are the leaves supposed to be bigger than my hand?

Is this actually morning glory or something else? I'm not sure

Cleared out

Weeded a bit, but the groundcover is really hard to eradicate

What is this stuff anyways?

It's a perennial, pops up the minute it possibly can in the spring

These are white and smell sweet but turn brown in about a week

Zinnias, I don't understand what you want

Two days of heavy rain, then more watering and you're STILL drooping?

I don't understand dahlias. They've had plenty of water. Are they supposed to droop like that?

I don't think so. Too much water? Not enough water? Some of the plant was damaged by the storm. I dunno.

What is the raspberry DOING? Should it be growing like that?

Finally put in more dirt and planted nasturtiums and decided that was as good as it was getting.

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