Saturday, July 9, 2016

In which I plant the roses

The weather was really nice...

The cheap plastic holding the hummingbird feeder broke, so I crocheted a new holder. This was apparently acceptable as I saw a sleek green hummer shortly afterwards. And a lot of wasps. The clematis is probably as good as it's going to get. This is now a four o'clock pot.

The honeysuckle got a late start and now has to battle the morning glories. 

Which are taking over. Everywhere. I love them!

Calla lily growing nicely, although I had to untwine some morning glories.

Beginning of the sea of green. Half groundcover that I never seem to get rid of, half morning glories, and some valiant nasturtiums.


Still a bit bare, but the morning glories are taking over. No blossoms yet, just lots of green.

Lovely orange nasturtiums

I brought my cape daisies over and a second calla lily which was getting strangled by the morning glories.

I reorganized the pots - tomato, dahlia, dahlia, raspberry, and two new additions...

Meet the roses! This one is Fragrant Hour

and this is Good Ol' Summertime

On the one hand, I've grown miniature roses basically just dumping them in a pot and occasionally watering them. The list of things you are supposed to do for roses kind of freaks me out. So I'm not doing them. On the other hand, I sure hope these don't die b/c they are expensive. So we'll see. If they get green and bushy and have some flowers I'll be happy.

The ravages of the Japanese beetles. I collected about 6 (2 got away) and drowned them in soapy water, which I put under the bush as a deterrent.

Still loving my yellow/pink dahlias

Lots of green tomatoes!

The zinnias were very droopy but water cheers them up fast.

The beetles have hit them a bit too, but not too badly - I think they've got more leafhoppers

The beetles were biting my gorgeous new dahlia flower! I removed them.

This is my fall-blooming dahlia. It is confused. Also, it has some kind of scaly white stuff. Is it good or bad or indifferent? I do not know.

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