Saturday, July 2, 2016

Garden Update

No pictures today, because I left my camera at work! I've been wandering in and out most of the day, poking at things. The zinnias, after a heavy dousing of water last night, miraculously recovered and exploded upward several inches each. They have one pink and one orange bloom with lots of buds coming soon. The tomato has also perked up, although its heavy burden of mini tomatoes are still very green.

My clematis, although blooming vigorously, remains spindly. Not at all the bushy, viny look I had been going for. The honeysuckle however, either because I finally gave it enough water or because I turned the pot around, is finally putting out new shoots and thinking about climbing up one of the morning glory trellises. The morning glories, meanwhile, have tendrils floating several feet out into mid-air. I gave them some fishing line to crawl over to the shepherd's hook with birdfeeder, we'll see how they like the idea.

There is still a rather sad bare spot in the middle of my big bed - I put nasturtium seeds in to soak to see if I can't get this spot filled in. I'm not sure if it's the weather or what, but the nasturtium seeds just haven't been very vigorous this year.

My second try at basil is yellowing! Why? Last year the aristotle basil took off like crazy! I turned the pot around so the basil wasn't shaded by the chives, maybe that's the problem? I also planted a bunch more chive seeds because...there were bare spots? The two tiny black-eyed susan vines are still only a few inches tall - I hope they get growing because there is a bare trellis waiting for them.

I checked last night, very late, and there was quite a crop of slugs (plus a particularly shivery centipede) around and in the pots so I laid down another layer of Sluggo. Is it helping or not? I can't be sure because I haven't had time to pick and count slugs this summer.

I saw several interesting bugs and thought again about getting a nicer camera...

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