Thursday, July 21, 2016

Garden Update: Heat and Storm

The only reason I can figure out that my basil is so unhappy is the Sluggo I've been using to keep off the slugs. It's not supposed to hurt anything, but it's all I can think of. It works though - I've seen hardly any slugs this year, only a couple, which is a far cry from the HUNDREDS (and yes, I counted) I had last year. 

It's been miserably hot the past few days. I've gotten quite a few tomatoes, but the pansies are feeling a bit wilted. I picked a fresh batch of zinnias.

Unfortunately, a major windstorm presaged a thunderstorm. My plastic pots, including the tomatoes, dahlias, and raspberry were all knocked over. I managed to get them settled upright again by jamming them together and putting some plastic chairs to hold them, but a lot of green and orange tomatoes were knocked off. Also, my little bowl of soapy water and dead japanese beetles spilled into the raspberry plant. I got the one in the dahlias out before it spilled too much, I think. I decided to cut the dahlias since odds were good they'd be broken off anyways.

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