Friday, July 22, 2016

Aftermath of the storm

I don't know that there was much rain, but there was certainly a lot of wind last night. The aftermath...

I simply couldn't understand why all my four o'clocks were hot pink. Last year they were all different colors. Also, they seem a lot....bushier.

Oh. It's not multiple plants. It's 3. With GIANT stems. Hmmm. Must have used different seeds this year or something.

Yes, it's humid

I crammed all the pots together to try and protect them from the wind. I felt a little like Aunt Em, racing outside in the crazy wind and splatting rain to try and save my pots!

Alas, the tomato pot went over twice and we lost a lot of tomatoes. But something is already nibbling on them, so they are not wasted.

I finally braced the pots with the chairs someone left there. They made it through the storm!

Last year we had a windstorm and all my zinnias snapped off. Tomato cages to the rescue! Not a single flower broke, despite the heavy wind!

Although, of course, they are all dry again even though it rained last night. Sheesh.

Blossoms on my coral honeysuckle!

My calla lily is blooming!

Something is eating my morning glories. I don't know what. It doesn't look like Japanese beetles, slugs maybe? 

Hmm. Very odd.

Anyways, there are some blossoms on the morning glories

The cape daisies are a little annoyed at how I keep shifting them around, but they're still blooming vigorously.

I wish I could get my camera to show the really rich peach coloring of this nasturtium

It's makes me want to eat peach pie

Some hidden red blossoms

aaaaand, something is eating these nasturtiums. Slugs? I thought I'd eradicated most of them with Sluggo but maybe not.

The pansies are a bit droopy. Maybe I need to cut them back more.

This mix is doing nicely though.

I planted the parsley for my neighbors but they don't seem interested after all. There's some mold in the bottom of the pot - or possibly a fungus growth.

the basil is determined to die. fine, die then. Sigh.

My other calla - need to knock a hole in the bottom of the pot so it doesn't get waterlogged.

I think my rose has a bud? Or a weird-shaped growth.
Is a raspberry plant supposed to look like that? I think beetles are still eating it, although I can't find them.

Still can't get quite the exact color of this dahlia or its fluffiness.

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