Thursday, May 5, 2016

The official spring garden (minus a rose)

All I need is a mini rose and to put out the hummingbird feeder
Raspberry, cherry tomato, dahlias, cape daisy


Cape daisy!

New clematis (and four o'clock seeds)
Waiting for hummingbird feeder

Moved the birdfeeder over here, honeysuckle
growing well but no four o'clock seeds sprouted

Still need to weed. Sigh.

Planted the morning glory that was sad inside

Is this enough wire? Only time will tell...
Pansies, violas, johnny-jump-ups
Alyssum, waiting for rose, waiting for black-eyed susan vine to sprout
Basil and chives, parsley

Mint in the corner. You can be invasive any time now...


Very pretty

Polka dot plants, a green thing that hasn't died, and seeds waiting to sprout

Lemon balm!

Sara bought me a pretty

Still waiting for these seeds to sprout

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