Sunday, July 12, 2015

The garden mid-July

This corner has the variegated leaves that I love. It's a little weak in spots - I think the slugs hit it - but doing well overall.

I am confused as to what this is. I thought it was morning glories, but those aren't morning glory flowers. I am confused.

Lots of nasturtiums hiding in the bush

Including some gorgeous peach melbas

A few holes in the leaves, but nothing too bad

However, if I want morning glories I have to go a little easier on the seeds next year...

These might be morning glories. Or they might be the mysterious vine. There's a white butterfly

The herbs are growing well - I just cut some after this. The violas and johnny-jump-ups have mostly recovered from the slugs. The peas are a little out of control. I don't know that I'll try them again, although they are tasty.

I didn't plant them well and had to keep rearranging the vines and a lot of the vines are dead, which doesn't look good.

This is my pot of new flowers. I have already forgotten their names, but they are the tall delicate white ones I remember as a child, some sort of pinkish daisy things and some purple things. I added a few delphinium seeds and put wire over the pot edges. The nasturtiums still haven't entirely recovered from their stint in my bedroom, but I added some four-o-clock seeds and wired them as well.

The third pot is going to be zinnias - just planted the seeds.

And I organized my remaining flowers from the farmer's market, eked out with some herbs which smell nice.

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