Saturday, July 4, 2015

Garden Update: July

This has been a little delayed, due to the cold weather, but the peas and nasturtiums are flowering and the ravages of the slugs have not been too traumatic. It's taken a long time for the plants to climb the trellis though. More morning glories next year maybe...

The morning glories have finally started to come out and were rather annoyed to discover the nasturtiums had taken over first. So they're climbing the nasturtiums. The mysterious tomato plant is still alive, despite an almost complete lack of sun.

This is a little messy, due to the ravages of slugs. However, we have peas. 

My newest additions, a present from my mom - a pot with three flowers in it. The red pot was just an extra one I commandeered and put the nasturtiums that had been in my bedroom in it. Nasturtiums don't really like growing inside with minimal sun.

I love the delicate little flowers (the geraniums are my neighbor's. I don't do geraniums)

My bedroom garden is rather small now. I repotted my plant with the red leaf/flower thingies and my mom gave me a calla lily, which is waiting for a pot that is not cracked.

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