Saturday, May 2, 2015

The garden is finished!

The garden is finished! I just have to put the hummingbird feeder up, which I will do tomorrow, and when the bulbs are finished, I will probably throw some morning glory and nasturtium seeds into the beds. There's also the suspense of wondering if the squirrels will make it past the wire or not...
The pot at the back has alyssum and morning glory seeds. The bare patch has nasturtium and morning glories, and the big pot morning glories. I will hopefully be able to take the wire down once the pots have grown over and the vines are trailing up the trellis.

The tulips are getting ready to bloom and there are johnny-jump-up and sweet pea seeds planted. The wire is buried, so the squirrels can't get to the bulbs, but they can still take out the seeds...

All the pots are planted - in the back corner peppermint and an African flower vine, at the back to the right alyssum, a mini rose, and sweet pea seeds, violas in the middle pot, and herbs - two kinds of basil, chives, and chives seeds -  in the front pot.

Hopefully this is the right amount of wire. Enough to discourage the squirrels, but not so much that they decide there's something exciting and worth the struggle to get in.

The hummingbird feeder is to the left under my big window. That's my small window you can see, by the way.

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