Friday, May 22, 2015

See how my garden grows

Everything growing nicely, safeguarded by wire

The peas are coming up around the mini rose and alyssum

The mint is exploding (I've already cut it once) and some peas are sprouting, but
I haven't seen the African Daisy viney things yet. I don't think. Unless they look like peas.

I didn't think I put peas in the pansies, but I guess I did.

The lemon basil did not recover from being dug up by the squirrels, but
the chive seeds are sprouting a bit.

All the morning glories and nasturtiums finally sprouted. Or most of them
anyways. That corner is a new thing I'm trying and it gets even less sun than
the rest of this spot.

The tulips are almost finished. The hyacinths never did bloom. Oh well.
The peas here have sprouted, as has a lot of groundcover I didn't dig out
thoroughly, so I now need to weed.

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