Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spring Garden Shopping and To Do List

Updated because now it's spring!

Feeding Stations at Four O'Clock
  • Start clematis and four o'clocks inside
  • Add stakes and/or tomato cages to four o'clocks
  • Be more diligent about keeping the hummingbird feeder full
  • Tenderly nurture four o'clocks in the ground pots
  • Replace honeysuckle if necessary
  • Water feature - ordered pump, add water plant and buy rain barrel
Monet's Vine Garden
  • Good coating of sluggo
  • Firmly relegate morning glories to two trellis areas
  • Fill in main garden bed with nasturtiums
  • Put out pots of indoor bulbs - sprinkle with pepper
Herb and Flower Garden
  • Check to see if mint comes back or needs mint seeds planted.
  • Rip out any remaining dead plants in middle pot and plant alyssum and black-eyed susan vine seeds
  • Chives will probably come back on their own
  • Plant pansy pots
  • Move over and fill new pots for herbs and flowers
  • Start calla inside, move outside when weather is nice
Dahlia Forest
  • Start dahlia
  • Empty and refill pots with clean dirt
  • Purchase and add dahlias to two new pots
  • Add additional tomato cages as needed
  • Start zinnias inside
  • Plant new daisy
  • Plant new tomatoes
  • Stake raspberry as it grows
  • Green tomato cages?
  • Pansy, alyssum, black-eyed susan vine, mint seeds
  • New dahlia, daisy, and tomato plants
  • Second tomato pot?
  • Watering can
  • Slightly longer hose
  • Dirt

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I wish I had a greenhouse...

I found tiny polka-dot plants growing in my old paperwhites! I transplanted them for a friend. They must have grown from seeds that feel from the fully grown plants.

 It was actually messier than this. I need a greenhouse or a garden sink or something.

 Two plants done. Apparently amaryllis go limp when they don't have enough light or water. The really interesting question though is - will they stand up again if given enough of these substances??

 I am optimistically trying to grow strawberries. I have a plant light!

Gardening continues

I finished enough of the dishes that I can start on an overhaul of my indoor pots and gardening. They need to have white stuff brushed off, be thoroughly watered, fertilizer and new dirt, bulbs transplanted, etc. I also need some cayenne pepper for when I put the bulbs outside.

I am really excited about these red bulb tips in the garden. I don't know what they are, having long forgotten what I planted, but they look exciting.

 When I stripped off the burlap from the raspberry there were all these little sprouts! So exciting!

Hauled up all my stuff from the basement. I can't remember where I put my short hose...the brown paper bags have my dahlia and calla tubers

Monday, March 27, 2017

Slugs and Sweat are back


 Before (at least, before today's work)

Yes, that block has been off most of the winter

I threw out the old Christmas tree, stripped off the old towels, and removed the squirrel feeder. I installed my new trellis. I'm going to start the four o'clocks from seed inside and another clematis root I bought (a cheap one this time!) because I don't think the one that's there is coming back. The towels were mostly to keep the birdseed out of the pot. I'll get the hummingbird feeder back up soon.

More four o'clocks will go here. Is the honeysuckle dead or not?

It doesn't look very alive, but I suppose it could be....

 Pulled away lots and lots of dead groundcover and leaves. I can't just rake them off because of the chicken wire so I'm doing it by hand. It doesn't look like it, but I have taken off a lot. And found a few slugs too, of course. Once I get more of the groundcover off I'll put down a good layer of sluggo. Once the bulbs have flowered and finished the morning glories and nasturtiums should be coming up.

These bulb sprouts are red. Interesting.

See? LOTS pulled off, plus all the old squirrel food - corn cobs and such. 

 The gnome was contributed by a neighbor. The cigarette butts were contributed by another neighbor, whom I will be having a talk with...

 Straightened the bricks, cleaned away some of the dead growth around the chives. Should I strip off the burlap from the roses or not? I have seeds for most of the pots but I'll be planting them directly so they come up through the wire so that will have to wait a while. I am going to start the calla lilies inside though.

 Same for the raspberries - they have buds! Should I strip their burlap off too?

I haven't done anything with the dahlia, zinnia, and osteospermum pots yet. I have zinnia seeds, ordered another dahlia in case those in the basement don't come back, and bought some more pots as one of my clay ones for zinnias cracked in half.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The garden returns

My indoor garden is in dire need of work. The bulbs need to be trimmed and transplanted, seeds and random plants started inside, dirt changed, and rocks added to a few pots that are retaining too much water. Basically everything needs to be spring-cleaned!

I always have to resist the urge to get started too early outside. However, my friends assure me it is time now and I can see things are poking up! Can you find the reticulata iris and lots of little green spears hiding in the groundcover?

My chives are determined to come up NOW. They've gotten snowed on a couple times, and I'm not sure if I should pull out all the dead bits of junk, but they are determined!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Duct tape is useful for many things, including making amaryllis stand up straight

My double amaryllis is opening!!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Amaryllis (and hyacinths)

What's really impressive is that this is the clearance amaryllis I bought from Walmart, clipped off the squashed stem and flower, and replanted it. It grew a new stem and quite a beautiful flower! The hyacinths are also from Walmart's clearance bin.