Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spring Garden Shopping and To Do List

Updated because now it's spring!

Feeding Stations at Four O'Clock
  • Start clematis and four o'clocks inside
  • Add stakes and/or tomato cages to four o'clocks
  • Fill and hang hummingbird feeder
  • Transplant four o'clocks outside
  • Water feature
    • Order pump
    • Buy rain barrel and dig into ground
    • Buy and install water plant
Monet's Vine Garden
  • Good coating of sluggo
  • Pull up wire, rake, thoroughly weed.
  • Firmly relegate morning glories to two trellis areas
  • Fill in main garden bed with nasturtiums
Herb and Flower Garden
  • Start callas inside, move outside when weather is nice
  • Clean out and fertilize chives
  • Seeds purchased to plant directly outdoors in May
    • alyssum
    • pansies, johnny jump up
    • peppermint
    • aristotle basil
    • columbine
    • campanula
  • Plant small pot with black-eyed susan vine, pepper to keep squirrels off
  • Plant more chives? May have planted seeds too early - may have to replant.
Dahlia Forest
  • Organize and refill pots with clean dirt
  • Start dahlia bulbs, move outside (if they sprout)
  • Purchase additional dahlias if needed
    • buy 2 more tomato cages
  • Stake raspberry as it grows
  • If roses don't come back, plant zinnias
  • Plant zinnia seeds
  • Purchase and plant African daisies
  • Purchase and plant tomato
  • Watering can
  • Slightly longer hose
  • 1 bag dirt

Saturday, April 22, 2017

I should have put blood in that blog title

I refilled the bird feeder - the chickadees are thrilled. I decided the honeysuckle isn't going to come back after all - not after the squirrels and rabbits stripped off all the buds and dug in the pot. So I put in more dirt and peas and surrounded it with wire. I weeded a LOT of groundcover, which returns no matter what I do - I'll still be weeding it when I'm 90. I also weeded a TON of maple sproutlings. Why they have decided to sprout this year I don't really know. Then I planted more peas in the tomato pot and surrounded that with wire, planted peas by another trellis, and watered. I need a longer hose.


I can't get a really good picture of my daffodils. You don't see the vibrant orange centers. The tulip never opened fully - that was as close as it got, I went to work on Saturday, when I got back four hours later it had been bitten off. Not eaten, just snipped off. Blasted bunnies.

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Polka dot plants

I have no idea how I got to be good at growing these. It just happened. I have done nothing to deserve it. They just....grow.

More sprouts


The raspberry is growing enthusiastically

The clematis has popped up and is expanding daily

Two four o'clock sprouts!

Another four o'clock sprout!

One calla is shooting up, the others are still curled green/white sprouts. No activity from the strawberries.

ONE dahlia is sprouting! I think the rest are dead - I ordered new ones.