Friday, July 13, 2018

July 13, 2018

I bought some additional flowers from the Geneva Lakes Produce plant stand. I put in more zinnias, rock roses (pink and red-orange) in the pot where no seeds have grown, and one extra zinnia in with the chives. I tried planting some more tithonia seeds and sprinkled some viola seeds in empty spots. I also put in two different little flowers; torenia hybrid wave (blue), and calibrachoa, yellow and white striped.

I found the giant grape vine beetle still hanging out - she's in my morning glories now. Maybe she think they are grape vines? Also a lost sparrow, injured or maybe overheated, that didn't seem able to fly and just kept moving back under the ground elder.

I watered lightly where the sparrow was, in case it needed water, did the pansies, nasturtiums, and a little on the hanging pots. It's pretty definitely going to storm. Almost probably. I sprayed insect soap on the morning glories and nasturtiums that are getting eaten.

July 13, 2018

Technically took this pic on the 17th and they're ones I bought
Hot-pink four o'clocks opened in the morning. Honeysuckle has a rosy bloom. Nasturtiums are doing well in the general ground, not so good in the hanging birds and that one bare spot.

Chipmunk's holes were filled in - he's building a new entrance and undermining a pansy pot (and the bricks it's standing on). Something ate a bunch of pansies last night! Lettuce and basil doing nicely, lemon balm and mint is getting straggly. Deadheaded a ton of pansies. One cosmos flower is getting ready to bloom! Tithonia is still weak and straggly.

Two strawberries! With holes in them. Still tasted good though. A few small raspberries are ripening, but lots of yellow leaves. Still looks like something is eating them but I'm not sure what.

Bug list:
 - one Japanese beetle on the cosmos (Mom found another on the callas)
 - a weird red/brown striped grasshopper/cricket thing on my big dahlia flower
 - a tiny golden fly on the dahlia
 - spots of black poop? on tomatoes and morning glories (apparently hornworm frass. But where are the hornworms?)
 - busy black ants id'd as black field ants - eat bugs, farm aphids (but I don't have aphids)

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

July 10, 2018

My a/c died on fourth of July and it's been hot and mosquito-heavy. Fortunately, my mom is visiting and she gets up earlier than I do and is willing to water....

The four o'clocks are looking a bit moth-eaten (or, rather, mysterious-bug-eaten) but some of them are getting ready to bloom anyways! The honeysuckle is putting out shoots. I'm really hopeful that I have finally found a vine that will work in that pot!

The nasturtiums and morning glories are going well. I saw a couple small morning glory flowers. I got the vines to go pretty well over my window with some bamboo stakes, but now they're falling outward from the weight of the vines. Next year, before the vines grow, I'll put up some kind of lattice. Or maybe I'll talk my upstairs neighbor into hanging something down from her window...

The fuschia would really show better if I hung it, but I can't think of a way to hang it high enough. The chipmunk ate all the pea sprouts again. Not that we'd actually have peas but... the lettuce seems to be too high to bother. The basil is going fine also. Still no blooms on the cosmos, but the Rotary Gardens only had 2 blooms when I visited on Sunday, so I feel better about it. Tithonia is still unhappy. Several seedlings died and the remaining ones look weak and yellowed.

Blackberry continues to grow, slowly. Something, I have no idea what, is eating the raspberry leaves. A second dahlia is getting ready to bloom. Rabbits (probably) ate all the tops and flowers off the gazania. The tomato and pepper both have little green fruits.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

July 4, 2018

I watered and deadheaded some pansies. Unbearably hot and humid. I planted the basil, pea, and pansy seedlings (every time I say "pansy" substitute "viola"). I bought new mesh bags, but these were too big! The other ones were too small. I just didn't cover them - it's too late and hot for peas anyways. I also planted monkey flowers (magic blotch) in the pot where the petunias never grew.

I need to pick up some more zinnias to fill in the holes. Maybe I'll go out to the plant stand and get a striped gazania too, soon.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July 3, 2018

Days of alternating high heat and torrential rain have produced interesting results.

  • I can't decide if something is eating the dahlias or if it's my imagination. 
  • The petunias never sprouted - I need to plant something else there. 
  • I never spread out the zinnias - I guess they are where they're going to be. 
  • I need to plant more pansies
  • I don't think the poppies or strawflowers went anywhere, but the cosmos has grown like crazy
  • I moved the tithonia sprouts outside, but they're still rather weak.
  • The pepper has grown some, as has the blackberry, but not much compared to the raspberries and tomatoes
I moved the green wire enclosures around tulips in the big bed over to the tulip/four o'clock bed. The nasturtium/morning glory bed will be easier to weed and I am going to do all daffodils there.

Still have some sprouts to go outside, the Aristotle basil died, lettuce needs to be picked, more pansy seeds planted, and weeding. But it's hot.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

June 24, 2018

Sunny and warm, in the high 70s/80s. I weeded the four o'clocks, noticed that the honeysuckle hasn't died (but hasn't really grown much either), and weeded the Monet garden. I spread more four o'clock seeds, nasturtium seeds, and planted the nasturtium seedlings in my little bird pots. I watered everything and I'm going to try my new critter ridder when things dry up a little. I also ordered bulbs for the fall, since the chipmunks and squirrels have so vigorously dug into them. I tried a new company, Dutch Grown.

  • Daffodil fragrant mix
  • Mini daffodil Jetfire
  • Daffodil peach cobbler
  • Tulip Ancilla
  • Tulip Stresa
  • Tulip candy apple delight
  • Anemone St. Brigida
I also ordered Ziva paperwhites for the fall.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

June 23, 2018

After several days of rain and cool temps, I took stock of how things were going. I need to transplant the seeds outside and start thinking about replacement bulbs for the fall - the chipmunks (and squirrels) have gone to town. More weeding needed, dahlias growing well, everything is very green. Except for the stuff the rabbits took a nap on. My St. Brigida anemones never came back - maybe I'll do them in a pot next time?